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Analysis Solutions

Analysis for every workflow.

Online, offline and real-time video and data tools.

Strengthen your competitive advantage with tools that support your unique coaching philosophy.

Customize your performance analysis.

Build code windows and output reports tailored to your coaching philosophy.

Live capture from multiple angles

Powerful offline coding tools

Telestration and graphics Studio

Seamless Hudl integration

Sportscode at Deportivo Alaves

How Hudl Helped Deportivo Alaves Rise Back to La Liga

Learn how video analysis helped this modest club improve and compete at the highest level of competition in Spain.

Deliver instant feedback.

Review performance and make critical adjustments in-game with instant replay.

Share video instances easily

Integrate with Sportscode windows

Collaborate like never before

Hudl Replay at FAI

Making the Coach to Analyst Connection

Review, share and stream video analysis.

Analyze and distribute content from a single, secure platform that you can access anytime, anywhere.

Centralized library

Video review from any device

Custom video playlists

Get more out of your analysis solutions with these add-ons.

On-demand video analysis services provided by Hudl’s experts.

Code live from anywhere on
an iPad.

Take your process to the next level.

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High-performance video and data on one connected platform.

Automatic Record
and Upload

The Football Library

Secure Data and Video Management