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Professional and College Basketball Solutions

High-performance video and data on one connected platform.

Capture Solutions

Get HD video without lifting a finger.

Never miss a moment — Hudl Focus captures every play perfectly.

  • A fully automated recording solution without the need for a camera operator
  • Produce a seamless video workflow with Hudl integration and share with staff and players
  • High quality video from games and training for any team playing in a Hudl Focus court
Content Solutions

Your one-stop shop for basketball film.

A com­pre­hen­sive library of pro­fes­sion­al, college and inter­na­tion­al game video from around the world.

  • Hudl Instat provides video for more than 460 international basketball competitions.
  • Sync video directly from Hudl Instat with Hudl Sportscode and Studio.
  • Create more time in your daily schedule.
hudl professional basketball analysis
Analysis Solutions

Analysis for every workflow.

Hudl Sportscode is a powerful and intuitive performance analysis solution with custom workflow capabilities.

  • Get the insights your team needs based on your coaching philosophy.
  • Better scripting, faster interactions and easier integrations means a more efficient workflow.
  • Advanced telestration is now faster and easier than ever with Studio.
Data Solutions

Drive action with data.

Time spent coding basic events is time away from uncovering insights.

  • Import event and player data to add an objective layer and further detail to your analysis.
  • Automatically generate team-specific data.
  • Access visualization tools that bring your data to life.
professional basketball hudl use on tablet and mobile
Distribution Solutions

Effortless asset management.

This best-in-class online analysis, dis­tri­b­u­tion and com­mu­ni­ca­tion platform makes tasks a breeze.

  • Access video and data where and when you need it most.
  • A centralized video library keeps everything organized.
  • Quickly share personalized analysis with individuals, target groups or the whole team.

Any sport, any player.

We’re integrating WIMU into our industry-leading suite of elite performance analysis software solutions, giving you the chance to have physical and tactical performance insights that maximize athlete performance.

The capture in Hudl Sportscode is so smooth, I'm afraid it's going to steal my girlfriend.

David Pavlakovich

Video and Analytics Coordinator, Saint Louis University Basketball

Case Study

The Transition to Hudl Sportscode with Saint Louis University

Video and analytics coordinator David Pavlakovich explains the impact Hudl Sportscode has had on Saint Louis University’s NCAA DI basketball team, and the ben­e­fits of work­ing with a more pow­er­ful and intu­itive tool.

Case Study

Florida Gators Change the Game with Hudl Replay

Director of Scouting and Video Operations, Cameron Kinzer, explains how Hudl Replay connects real-time video to the data they’ve been charting on the bench for a number of years.

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