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Hello! Welcome to my new website. 

Although these are mysterious and challenging times they are also exciting times. They are uncertain and scary times, and they are also full of potential. Although many of us are being forced out of our comfort zones right now, I see a lot of creativity and courage emerging as we fumble around in our collective not-knowing, vulnerable and often unbalanced.

Experience has taught me that healing and/or developing ourselves must involve feeling our bodies and finding that stable centre within us. We need to re-connect with the invisible Life-energies within and around us, learning how to listen deeply to the often subtle conversations they are trying to engage us in. 

Developing our capacities to be in honest relationship with ourselves, with those around us, and with our environment, is mandatory if we want to live a satisfying Life;  A Life in which our gifts and strengths are shared within communities committed to mutual growth and our weaknesses and vulnerabilities are met with compassion.

My thirty years of physical practice as well as my life-long studies in philosophy, religion and esoteric forms of movement mean that I have walked a path committed to peace, growth, health and sanity. This is a path I can guide YOU along, whatever aspects of Life you are committed to healing, expanding, exploring or connecting with.

The myriad challenges of 2020 have lead us to some big questions. What IS really important? Where do I want to be? What do I want to do with my “one precious life”? What kind of a person do I want to be? How can I tell Truth from lies?

Whether you are interested in classes or one-on-one coaching my passion is re-connecting people with the Life-energy that flows, continuously, within and around you. This energy is inherently intelligent, powerful and totally supportive.

Re-connecting with our Natural energetic matrix connects us to ourselves and each other, to our natural, vital and robust health and to our innate powers of intuition, clarity and creativity.

Whichever path you choose, I look forward to our connection and the tangible benefits that will flow from working together.

As the philanthropist Adam Braun once said, “True self-discovery begins where your comfort zone ends.”

I’ll meet you there.