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Andrew Haight

O’Sensei, Aikido & Interbeing

The world is living through an intense period of change; floundering about in a wide-open, chaotic space that’s too big, undefined and mercurial to be comfortable, yet is ripe with potential. It’s the space between stories. An uncomfortable and creative space in which we are witnessing the death of an old world-view and the conception…

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March, Mars, Morihei & Martial Evolution

Holy Spring! We’re almost there. It’s the Roman God Mars, who gives us the English words, “march” and “martial”. Transformed from the Greek’s brutal and murderous God Ares, he is re-named and re-imagined by the Romans into a new kind of warrior; an agricultural guardian and a father figure, representing military power as a peace-securing…

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Hello! Welcome to my new website.  Although these are mysterious and challenging times they are also exciting times. They are uncertain and scary times, and they are also full of potential. Although many of us are being forced out of our comfort zones right now, I see a lot of creativity and courage emerging as…

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