Less Stress. More Energy.

What is Energy Coaching?

Energy Coaching is a guided process of discovery, liberation and empowerment. It awakens you to the boundless energy, intelligence, and resources within and around you, and reconnects you with vitality, joy, curiosity and creativity.


What is an Energy Coaching Session Like?

Each session is unique. Through dialogue, meditation, breath-work, energy exercises, and movement, we begin to explore and unblock the unlimited energy within and around you. Each session is a fun and exciting opportunity to experience your true power and boundless nature. Andrew offers face-to-face sessions with students in the local area, and also uses interactive remote media platforms like Skype® , Zoom®, Google Meet®, FaceTime®, Facebook Messenger®, and others to deliver his coaching to students located remotely or who are self-isolating.


How Can Energy Coaching Help Me?

Learn to…

  • feel, express, receive and align with energies within and around you
  • respond rather than react
  • listen deeply
  • unify head, heart, and hara (the Three Brains)
  • focus and center


Why Energy Coaching is so Helpful

Energy is Life…

  • you suspect that there is more to you than you can imagine, and more than you have access to at this time
  • you’ve lost touch with the mysterious and magical aspects of Life
  • you’re missing your sense of wonder, curiosity, and awe
  • you suspect that you are bigger, more resourceful, and stronger than you know.
  • you suspect that there are untapped fields of energy, abundance, health, and wisdom all around/within you

“When someone finds me, they’re ready for change. They are seeking something mysterious and magical that they sense in the world, in themselves, but have disconnected from. I’m here to reconnect people with their guidance systems and turn up the volume on that small, still voice.”
– Andrew Haight

Andrew Haight Energy Coaching
Andrew Haight Energy Coaching
Andrew Haight Energy Coaching

Are you…

  • stressed and overwhelmed?

  • struggling with anxiety and uncertainty?

  • feeling drained, empty, or less than fulfilled?

  • overdoing or overthinking?

Want to…

  • develop greater Energy Intelligence?

  • deepen the connection with yourself, others, Source?

  • cultivate abundant creativity and vitality?

  • increase presence and magnetism?

  • move beyond destructive habits?

  • respond rather than react to conflict and stress?

Andrew Haight Energy Coaching

“Our unique creativity is accessed and expressed through our bodies. Our bodies hold immense intelligence and energy. If we learn to tap into this, we are never alone, never without resources, and never without support.”
– Andrew Haight

What is Energy Intelligence? 

To understand subtle energy structures and how vital life energy can be utilised for optimum health and wellness, we use our Energy Intelligence. Develop the ability to sense, cultivate, store, flow, and connect with universal forces.

Why Wait?

Power Up!


Make a Commitment to Your Future Self


I only work with a limited number of clients. We will distill 30 years of my practice, study, and travel into a program for your growth and empowerment. Working with me is an investment in a better you. 


Step 1: Call

Call +1 (902) 890- 7221 and let’s start the discussion. 


Step 2: Choose 

Choose the path that’s right for you. 


Path  Description  Fee 
Initial Session  90 minutes  $200 
Month  4 x 60 minute sessions + 2 x 60 minute calls  $850 
Quarter  12 x 60 minute weekly sessions + 6 x 60 minute calls  $2300 
Deshi  This is a long-term commitment  Annual fee TBD 


Step 3: Commit 

Make your payment and sign our agreement. 


“My sessions with Andrew have significantly improved the quality of my life. I sleep more soundly, work more effectively and can relax more quickly. The returns on my investment have vastly exceeded the reasonable fee he charges. Without hesitation, I recommend hiring Andrew. I view what can be learned from him as an investment in optimising one’s life”.  

– Dr. P. Gabriel

“Andrew knows how to tap into renewable life energies.  Profoundly aware himself through long years of practice, he uses gentleness and good humour to guide others.  Through coaching me to actually feel, move, and balance my own weight, Andrew has helped me come into meaningful relationship with the gravity of earth.  This holds the hugely surprising benefit of supporting, grounding, and replenishing my energies, rather than draining them away or short-circuiting them through frenetic, head-centered busy-ness.  If you are looking to access a ‘Renewable Energy Source’ for your own being, Andrew’s capable and loving guidance offers just that.”

– Dr. M. Keppie