Less Stress. More Energy.

About Andrew Haight

Helping people explore, connect with and express the invisible and mysterious parts of themselves is Andrew’s passion. Andrew is a 5th degree black belt in Aikido, a first-degree black belt in Iaido and a passionate student of Tai Chi and all things energetic. For three decades, he has been traveling, practicing with and learning from some of the best teachers in the world. He has taught hundreds of students to empower themselves using Energy Intelligence.

“I’ve been walking a traditional warrior’s path for over 30 years. It has healed me from trauma and loss and enabled me to embody powerful martial principles. I know what it means to face real-world challenges, as well as to feel some kind of potential locked inside and not know exactly what that is or how to express it. I also know that we all need energetic intelligence to become the hero of our own story.”
– Andrew Haight

Andrew Haight

Less Stress. More Energy

What Andrew’s Students Say…

“I hold a second-degree black belt in Karate. Many years ago, I became bored with Karate and was searching for something different. Then I met Andrew, who was teaching Aikido. Of course, I wanted to test this new found instructor, and this so-called Art of Peace. I threw everything at Andrew. I really wasn’t prepared for the outcome. Even though I was really trying to strike him, he just smiled, and used my energy against me, all the while protecting me from injury. It was at that moment I became very humbled, and knew I had found what I was searching for.”
– Merle Murphy, 2nd Degree black belt Uechi Ryu Karate


“Sensei Andrew is a modern warrior-sage…. it’s like having your own personal Yoda, just taller.”
– Warner Himsl


“My friend and teacher Sensei Andrew Haight is one of the most amazing instructors I have ever trained with. His experience & knowledge of Aikido runs deep and he has the ability to share it in a way that changes you. If you have the opportunity to attend his classes, I highly recommend it.”
– James Taylor, 4th Degree black belt Karate


“…a teacher of extraordinary talent.… I still consider it my great good fortune to have had Andrew as my teacher and guide. He has a rare gift for this martial art, and conscientiously keeps true to the spirit of the founder. Alongside his prodigious martial ability, Andrew has an exceptional personality – he is a profoundly good and caring person. He is trusting and trustworthy, and I recommend him unreservedly.”
– Dr. David Rogosin, 1st Degree black belt Aikido


“I had trained with Andrew for 10 years on and off when I approached him about achieving my black belt. He went out of his way to make that happen. He was able to work around my schedule because I was traveling 2 hours one way for classes. He is accommodating to everyone’s abilities and ensures a safe environment for all. I would recommend his classes to anyone.”
– Shauna Boucher, 1st Degree black belt Aikido


“I’ve been doing Tai Chi with Andrew for over 2 years. I’m amazed at how much it has improved my ability to be calm, focused and centered during presentations to clients and public speaking. The people in my class have all benefited from improved posture, breathing, balance, and overall fitness.”
– Deborah Nicholson


“I have been studying Tai Chi with Andrew for over two years. I thoroughly appreciate his easy manner and genuine love for what he teaches. Andrew, through his approach of acceptance, his philosophy, and his positive attitude, has inspired me to accept my shortcomings, both physical and emotional and not be inhibited by them when learning new Tai Chi postures and movements or struggling with new concepts in life. Andrew has an ability to put the whole class at ease, to form a unison of learning rather than individuals competing to stand out. Further, Andrew is able to gauge the spirit of the class and alter his approach in the moment to spontaneously address issues that appear confounding or beyond comprehension.”
– Dr. Soren Bondrup-Nielsen